Wedding: Danielle + Marc | Bronx Zoo, New York City

So many wedding guests tell me that rain on a wedding day means good luck for the couple, but I would say that it is good luck for us too!  We definitely got lucky at this rainy day wedding - for starters, (and as usual), the forecast was not as bad as anticipated.  We were able to squeeze in a bunch of outdoor portraits without anyone getting too wet, and at the zoo, that is a big deal.  Everyone wants photos outside at the Bronx Zoo!  And, #2 -- Danielle and Marc killed it!  They didn't complain once about the weather, about climbing in and out of the golf cart, about the humidity or anything - they smiled and looked like their pretty, happy selves the whole day!  Love them!

Plus, a little rain on a wedding is fun!  We always make it work, and you can see from the images below, everything turned out perfect.  So, onto the fun photographs - lots with animals, many with beautiful scenery and all with a happy Marc and Danielle.  Congratulations guys!
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Wedding: Lindsay + Will | The Inn at Longshore, Westport, Connecticut

I don't know how I get such awesome clients, I really don't - whether it is because I work mainly from recommendations (so I go from great client to great client, etc.) or because great people like pretty photographs, or maybe I'm just lucky?  I don't know, but however I got Lindsay and Will - they are the best. Funny, easy-going but not uncaring, detail-oriented, happy, loving, always smiling - we had a perfect day with them and I'm so, so excited to share their happy images with you today!

Guys, can you do a vow renewal next year so we can do it all again?

Floral designer: Fleurescent
Bridal beauty: Salon Posh / JKFlashy
Dress: Bliss by Monique Lhuillier / The Plumed Serpent Bridal
Groom attire: Custom Tux by Alexander West
Cake: Dale the Cake Lady

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