Wedding: Rachel + Rob | Fordham University + The Bronx Zoo, New York

It is the 2nd day of Wedding Week here at Uplift, and I'm psyched to show some of the images we created at Rachel & Rob's Bronx Zoo wedding.  We always love shooting at the zoo - such a fun time and the staff is amazing!  This day was a tad colder than it should have been in October, but Rachel rocked it out like a champ.  Thanks for having us there guys and we hope you love this preview!

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Wedding: Danielle + Mike | The Garrison, Hudson Valley, New York

Ah, Danielle & Mike.  Did someone say, go with the flow?  Or, fun and awesome couple?  Can I shoot you guys every weekend?  These two are awesome.  Their day was filled with laughter (lots and lots of laughter), happiness, smiling, dancing, and a little rain.  Just a little.  Enough to score one of my favorite images ever (see the bottom of this post), but not enough to keep us inside for the entire day!  Thanks for being awesome guys!

Venue: The Garrison
DJ:  Perfect Blend Entertainment (David Nazario)
Floral Design:  Lee Vasquez
Photography:  Uplift Photography

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